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Testing the Tech in Titanfall 2

So finally getting around to writing a little bit about the recent Titanfall 2 Tech Test that was on the last couple weekends. Overall generally thought a little hit and miss, I quite approve of removing the burn cards as I hardly ever used them but the titans now feel like they have severely limited customisation, although there is the promise of being able to paint them come the final release

The game is attractive but not BF1 quality, but the audio was great.The tech test had 3 maps and 3 game modes, personally loved Forward-Base Kodai and Boomtown while I thought Homestead was a little blander and too open. In the game modes were Pilot hunter, amped hardpoint and bounty hunt. I never understood why anyone would play Titanfall to just have a pilot death match so I concentrated mainly on amped hardpoint and bounty hunter, the former is a tweaked version of the original point capture where you can get increased points by defending the point. Bounty hunt is a new mode, you gain cash by killing AI which then needs to be banked at the end of each round, if you die before banking you lose half your collection, harsh and not actually fair but a fun game mode.

I still missed attrition which I thought would be a dead cert for the test, and I’m hoping frontier defence makes a return in the final release.

With an array of new and old gadgets and weapons there is certainly a lot more variety for your pilot to tote around, including the grappling hook which feels a little slow at first and the grenade launcher, a straight line single shot weapon which basically causes the target to explode in a bloody mess.

For the second weekend the pacing felt great as you wall ran and jumped around the arenas but the Titans feel a little flimsy now that they lack shields as standard, you need to get a power boost from a stolen battery core. While this battery mechanic is interesting, not being able to shoot into the titans workings as a pilot ruins the flow slightly, now you have to jump back on repeatedly to have an animation throw a single grenade into it each time.

I still have high hopes for the game, but as it’s going in direct competition with EA’s other major FPS, Battlefield, with only a week between launches I fear it may lose a lot of custom to its more popular cousin.

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