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It’s a Nuka-World After All

So the Nuka-World  DLC was released for Fallout 4 this week and I took this opportunity to head back into the wasteland. Nuka-World offers valiant explorers the opportunity to discover a new area of the wasteland and take up with a rabble of raiders. With the usual smattering of new apparel, weapons and collectibles to enjoy. Including the rather fetching Quantum X-01 power armour pictured above.

If you hadn’t guessed, Nuka-World is a theme park created by the founder of Nuka-Cola, John-Caleb Bradberton. A wonder of capitalist excess where it costs $35 to retrieve something from lost and found. With 6 distinct areas of the park there is a fair amount of variety in design. Whether you are hanging out in Cappy’s Treehouse or downing a Nuka-Cola Quantum at the World of Refreshment.

This expansion also brings with it a new way of handling settlements, you are given the opportunity to go out raiding and bringing them under the boot of your new enterprise. Convincing or killing settlers, and running rackets for resources. Especially good for those who desire to be an arse in the wasteland. If like me you want to make it a better place, you can set things right after you’ve gotten the achievements, just saying.

With the collectibles you are given the chance to unlock the power armour in the picture, it is legendary gear so has its own benefits for wearing it along with any mods you may want to add to it.

I’ll admit this expansion really drew me back in as I explored the new area, it’s the usual Fallout but a little bit different as well. Giving a new dynamic on the settlements and seeing how others survive the harshness of daily life in the wastes. Deciding whether that’s the life for you.

Fallout 4 has always had issues, but the volume and quality of the content being released for it mitigates some of that. Saying that, I’ll leave you with this tip, do not collect any medallions until you’ve spoken to N.I.R.A.


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