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Getting Sandy in the Sinai

So it’s another Battlefield year, and this time it’s turning to the trenches and deserts of World War 1. Naturally this means beta time and it’s a fancy outing for the new setting. Lets just begin with the graphics, they are stunning regardless of platform thanks to the Frostbite engine. The Sinai desert feels alive, with wisps of sand creeping across the ground. The detail of the environment is exceptional and gameplay is stable and smooth.

With a new setting comes new weapons, tools and vehicles. Gone is the sterile perfection of modern weaponry and back to the rugged inaccuracy of 100 years ago. The tanks feel eccentric but powerful, planes are terrifying, the horses…the horses are majestic and a thrill to ride and I love their inclusion.

With two classic Battlefield game modes to play you’d expect it to be just the same as usual but it feels new while emulating something old, you feel exposed as you run from cover to cover, the enemy firing down on you from entrenched positions using static machine guns and artillery. Watching for the snipers glare from the rocks and hillsides you take cover hoping someone doesn’t come over and beat you with a shovel, or that while retreating a horse doesn’t run you down and slash you with their saber.

It is just under 2 months from release and this already feels like it may be the best Battlefield to date, I hope the single player experience holds up to the multiplayer one from the beta as this could result in something very special indeed from the people over at DICE.

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