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Reaching the end of Sunset

Sunset Overdrive is an open world game from Insomniac taking you into a large vibrant city, tasked with escaping Sunset after the release of a new energy drink causes most of the population to turn into monsters. Racing around the city using grinding, hanging and wall running while fighting off OD monsters, scabs and robots from the evil corporation Fizzie Co. to save yourself and your friends.

Filled with the obligatory, if rather unique, set of collectibles, and a host of imaginative weaponry and outfits to collect. Challenge discs cover the world in various tasks for competing with friends on the leader boards. Sunset is a large expansive and well made universe with plenty to do, a great sense of humour and a cast which brings it alive.

With amps to upgrade your character and weapons you go through tower defence missions where you defend the vats that are used to make amps from the OD, these were some of my favourite parts but felt they could have been done much better with more emphasis being put on placements of turrets.

With all this content, new ways to traverse a city and hilarious disregard for the 4th wall it may come as a surprise that I was hideously bored by the gameplay. I found moving around the city to be like watching someone else play, I felt completely disconnected from the game and the combat felt routine. I’d have thought they designed the game then the gameplay was a afterthought slapped onto the end if other people weren’t seemingly enjoying it so much. If it goes on sale sometime down the line I’ll pick it up and give it a second chance.

There was one part I found brilliant and that was respawn animations, so I recorded them all and stuck them together for you to watch below if the game doesn’t take your fancy.

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