What’s on the Horizon…

Over 200 beautifully sculpted cars and a stunning free-roam world apparently. Forza Horizon 2 is set in the beautiful Riviera, spanning across the north west of Italy to the south east of France. With over 150 championships to complete around a variety of locations there is plenty of racing to do. Adding to this is a host of collectibles, such as xp boards and barn finds to search for throughout the world making the single player rather packed with value.

Bored of racing on your own? Well then you can go into an online free-roam, do road trips with friends and strangers, challenge people to head to head races. With the addition of ‘party games’ to the race list you get infection and king. In infection one of the players is infected and has to start infecting others, super straight forward. In King one or two people will be made king and the others have to try and crash into them to steal their crown, the player with the longest time as king is the winner.

At the end of single player races you are also offered the chance to create a rival and beat the time of someone quicker than you, if you manage this they receive an in-game message informing them and giving them a chance to race back. All of these games give you a chance to show off your skill, earning experience for skills performed such as drifting, clean racing and high speeds. Earning enough XP gains you levels which gives you wheel spins to win money and vehicles, as well as earning perk points for your skills.

Great fun, utterly beautiful and has Sean Maguire in it, what more could you want? Except maybe less Sean Maguire.

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