The ideal game for Kinect….

Since Microsoft first released Kinect many people have been wondering when there would be some “proper” games for it. While most the games for it tend to be based on fitness, and there is some good use for leaning and voice controls in certain games there is nothing that hardcore gamers are looking at and thinking “yeah, this is what we have been waiting for”. There is a game I believe could be made today that could probably showcase the potential of the device, it seems almost perfectly suited for it, and it would be a sequel in a loved universe.

In 2002 Activision published a game called Star Trek: Bridge Commander, this game put you in the captain’s chair commanding your own star ship. A tactical-management game you were tasked with assigning resources, solving problems and fighting off aggressors while working through a story regarding mysterious ships. Even in 2002 this game touted compatibility with “voice-activated technology”. When you add gesture control and the possibility of SmartGlass functionality an immersive world where you really did have full natural control of your own star ship would be opened up for you. New technology could see a large rich universe come to life with more challenging foes, beautiful systems and phenomena to explore all from the comfort of your home.

A game like this would not necessarily have to be based in the Star Trek universe. There are several deep and engaging universes to engage in, Halo would be the mot obvious to try and tout the capabilities of Kinect to Microsoft’s customers, but Star Wars and Mass Effect could be very promising.

With a current market that often bends to the current flavour of the month it would be good to see publishers taking a courageous step and trying something different to diversify their catalogues. As a space-sim fan I’d love to see this, as well as a return of classics like Wing Commander and X-Wing series of games.

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